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Fervent Biotech Product

Fervent Biotech is young and fast growing pharmaceutical company with 100% focus on dermatology, with a focus of providing affordable and high quality skin care solutions.


Fervent Biotech has been founded in 2014 through joint collaboration between Empyrean Healthcare and prominent skin care specialists from Gujarat. Collectively, the company boasts of unparalleled innovation and product capabilities from its team of expert consultant doctors and state of the art marketing capabilities because of 30 years+ experience in the field of Empyrean healthcare.


Since inception, Fervent Biotech has been working to improve the lives of patients by providing affordable and world-class quality skin care solutions. Since beginning, each of the Fervent Biotech’s products have been conceptualized and developed by company’s esteemed panel of doctors. Hence, the product portfolio for respective skin care conditions and quality are exceptional. We strive to invent products that stand apart in their uncompromising quality..

We promote our products in ethical way to dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Working closely with dermatologists means that Fervent Biotech offers revolutionary ingredients, breakthrough formulas and advanced technology.